About thelinkcity

Wouldn’t it be great if the virtual world felt more real? If browsing the online world was as simple as wandering around your local city. Where people and places are trusted. With no unasked ads or other distractions. 

thelinkcity helps to experience the virtual world as if it was a real world. Come and visit an organized city that you can browse around, get to know & learn to love. Where you can buy products internationally and directly from the original producers without the hassle of creating new logins for each webshop. Just use your unique shopping email address which you receive for free from us. (customer#@thelinkcity.com). thelinkcity Team will take care of the rest.


About Our Team

The H2 Build IT Limited has its HQs in Dublin, Ireland, and a branch in Austria.

An international team of business consultants, sales and trade professionals, digital marketers, art- and web designers developed the idea of thelinkcity.com in 2020.

In 2021 the team initiated the distribution of thelinkcity.com in 10 European countries.