is a digital 3D city and serves producers of goods and providers of services as an international online platform for market communication.


Visit our virtual cities in 10 European countries. Enjoy trustworthy shops from real manufacturers.

we connect companies with customers

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a virtual world like a real word

thelinkcity helps to experience the virtual world as if it was a real world. Come and visit an organized city that you can browse around, get to know & learn to love.

where brands & shops are trusted

thelinkcity only accepts shops from original producers. All shops undergo a quality check before we show and link them in the city. You will not find brokers or middleman.

you buy directly from international producers

thelinkcity is where you can buy products internationally and directly from the original producers. You pay the producers and receive your goods directly from them.

1x Password =
all shops

Just use your free and unique shopping email address. No more hassle creating new logins for each webshop. The signup-butler will automatically register our citizens at all thelinkcity partners of their country.

E-MAIL-BUTLER organized shopping inbox

@butler knows and learns how to help organizing your online shopping (moving orders, confirmations, vouchers, invoices and marketing communication into the right folders). You will receive your unique email incl. the butler functions for free.

COINMINITY collect linkoins by browsing the city

As a registered citizen of thelinkcity you can collect coins when browsing through the city. These coins can then be used to pay for products in the coinminity store. You will find a variety of products from our international partners and brands.

bring your friends & get more linkoins

We are always looking for new citizens. If you like thelinkcity, please tell your friends and family about it. We will say "Thank You" by paying linkoins to your personal account for every single citizens who registers @thelinkcity.

THELINKCITY APP upload invoices and receive linkoins

Whenever you shop in one of our linked partner shops you will receive shops and receive an invoice showing your unique

NO ads, NO distraction

NO unasked ads or other distractions. No google ads trying to sell something you didn't actually look for.

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Grow Your Business

We connect your business with new clients

We offer attractive sales areas  in our virtual city. You can choose different displays, sizes and even markets. We will place your displays accordingly and link to your online shop / point of sale. We will attract citizens = your clients via a wide system of digital marketing. The best thing about all this?
We DO NOT collect any provison from you – we simply direct clients to your site. It’s your turn over, it’s your profit!

Choose your abo @

make it yours - get your space

find new clients the affordable way

You have an amazing product and want to sell directly to clients?
You are tired of big chains & brokers with their usual rip-off, asking for:
– provision
– discounts
– payment for clicks

Join and you will not face any of the above afflictions. 
We will NOT eat up your hard earned profits by cutting your turnover. 
We will only ask for a fixed monthly fee for renting your item, space or building.

It’s your turnover. It’s your profit.




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